Linear System

what is linear system?

Stile LED products have mutiple color temperatures, a variety of output levels and RGB LEDs. With our large LED offering, finding all the products that feature RGB LEDs can be quite time consuming. To make it easy, use this shortcut.

Our LED products now feature new High Density LED boards. The boards exceed 85 lumens/watt and provide up to 9000 delivered lumens allowing you to properly light a space. The density of diodes provides reduced pixelization.

J C lighting store's Linear Lighting Systems consist of highly tooled components, such as led lighting, pendant lighting and downlights, that configure into larger luminaire runs, arrays and patterns. Although these configurations are individualized for each application, they all benefit from standardized design, engineering, tooling and manufacturing processes. The result is a customized lighting solutions - without the cost and uncertainty of a truly one-off product.

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